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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~ John Quincy Adams

The Waterville Public Library is as great as it is because of the dedication, hard work, and leadership of a tremendous Board of Trustees. Members of the Waterville Public Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Mayor of Waterville for a 4 year term. 

Current Trustees: 

Daniel Beaulieu

Jean Bird

William Grant — Treasurer

Cindy Jacobs — President

Jan King — Secretary

Bill Layton 

Liz Maynard

Anna O’Keefe

Tammy Ranger

Mark Wardecker

Lisa F. Wheeler — Vice President

Last updated: 10.26.17

Service Opportunity  

If you are interested in serving on the Waterville Public Library Board of Trustees, an application form is available online https://www.waterville-me.gov/committees/boardcommittee-application/ or contact the City of Waterville, City Clerk's Office, (207) 680-4210.

More Information 

To find out more about the duties and responsibilities of a Library Trustee please visit this site:

United for Libraries Resources for Trustees

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