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Teen Anime & Art Club: "My Hero Academia"

December 20, 2017 • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: Waterville Public Library
Teen Anime & Art Club:


Discover a different anime and themed art project every month  
at the Waterville Public Library's Teen Anime & Art Club!  
Drawing supplies will also be available for those  
who are feeling especially creative!  
This month's anime is "My Hero Academia"  
Cosplay is welcome, but not required.  
"Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life—a lofty goal for anyone, but especially challenging for a kid with no superpowers. That’s right, in a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk,” Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that’s not enough to stop him from enrolling in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies. " 
This event is free, and open to attendees ages 11-18. 
For more information, please call (207) 872-5433  
or email staylor@watervillelibrary.org 

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