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All Movie Guide - Extensive data includes expert reviews, biographies, ratings, images, titles, credits, essays and thousands of descriptive categories.
Coming Soon
- TV, movie, dvd release information
Internet Movie Database
- The Internet Movie Database has information and links on thousands of movies.
Reel Movie News - one of the Web's leading sources formovie news, trailers, photos and more.
Rotten Tomatoes - A web site that gives honest reviews of recent releases.
Teen Movies
- Teen movie reviews, movie chat, movie discussion boards, movie trivia and more.


A & E - Has links to their shows and message boards for fans
CBS.Com - This site has links to all the CBS shows and to brief bios of all the current cast members.
MTV Online - Homepage for MTV. Has news, reviews, music, shows, bios, and other information about performers and groups.
Warner Brothers On-line - Some of the most popular teen sitcoms, cartoons, etc.
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